Halfnote’s Song

A Tale of the Glass Singers of Albermarle

A fantasy novel by Lynette Hill

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When an unstoppable plague ravages his people, the crown prince of Samoya knows where to find the cure. He makes a desperate journey to the far off city of Albermarle and offers to pay any price for the creation of a healing mirror. But the glass singers of Verre House, gifted artisans who use the power of their own voices to shape their works, refuse the commission. They know from painful experience the true dangers of the mirror. The tiniest flaw in the making of the sorcerous mirror creates a life-devouring monster that is worse than any plague.

But the illness devastating Samoya has followed the prince to Albermarle. Now the wealthy city and all of her neighbors face the same virulent disease. Can Master Verre, head of the house of glass singers, really be right in refusing to explore a potential cure? As friends and family begin to fall ill, the staff of Verre House begin to voice their doubts and make their own choices.

Finally, even Half note, Verre House’s youngest apprentice, must decide whether to listen to the voice of authority or to follow her own heart.

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